[ wurk-pleys- ol-uh-jee ]

The research and design of the space where your “lane of genius” works wonders, makes impact, confirms purpose, and sparks ingenuity. 


Space planning
Interior furniture design
Streamline sourcing
Logistics planning & delivery




We listen to your needs.

Providing what you need and exceeding your expectations is our priority. Let us schedule a consultation to better understand your current challenges and future desires.

We ask the rite questions with listening ears and problem-solving eagerness.


We arrange plans catered to your vision.

Have you ever exhausted lots of time and energy looking for a solution? Ever felt overwhelmed by too many options?

With our specialized team of designers and product experts, we can formulate strategies that narrow down the best options and keep your desires front and center. In our ever-changing industry, we have access to many cutting edge, innovative solutions.


We view the big picture.

You’ve got plenty of other tasks and obligations to complete. Let us ease the load by assessing project due dates, product availability, delivery options, and installation (if necessary).

We’ll intentionally “zoom out” and make sure a solution works not only in the present, but will have flexibility and durability for your future needs.


We communicate the progress of the project.

As a dedicated partner, we will convey any changes or alternative options. We will also utilize our network of partners and manufacturers to help decrease costs, increase productivity and employee morale, and handle your project in the rite way.

We want you to enjoy a peace of mind as the project advances into completion.


We get you the rite results.

We want your experience with us to not only be goal driven but goal achieved. As a team, we collectively use our strengths so you will have top-level satisfaction.

From conception to creation, we are rite here to enhance your workplace productivity and help to excel your organization’s growth and profitability.


Rite Quality offers a wide range of products that fit our automotive needs. They kept us supplied during the height of the COVID pandemic. But the highlight of the business partnership is how they assist the customer. You won’t go wrong using Rite Quality as a supplier.

Bert McDonald
MRO Buyer, FT Precision

I’ve enjoyed the friendliness of staff and the convenience of the website and ordering process. I really appreciate how they think ahead of our needs.I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Melissa Hardy
CFO, Area Five Agency

We have a great partnership with Rite Quality because we get personalized customer service and get orders delivered as scheduled. I would recommend them anytime.

Bruce Curry
Director of Facilities & Security, Ivy Tech Lake Cty. Campus

When I purchase furniture, Rite Quality really takes the time to evaluate and provide options based on needs and spending targets. I trust them fully to provide all the needed information. You will get top notch valuable expertise for your business needs by working with Rite Quality. 

Jonathan Schuck
Director, KACC

Rite Quality earned my trust when COVID-19 hit. They provided PPE that kept Ivy Tech’s doors open and won several sizable contracts. Their team proactively engaged us and made every transaction worry free. Do it! Rite Quality will earn your business and your trust.

Michael Babcock
Executive Director of Strategic Sourcing

Rite Quality has went above and beyond to provide high quality customer service, prompt deliveries, procurement flexibility, and a multitude of products across the state of Indiana to Ivy Tech Correctional Education sites. We enjoy working with their kindhearted team on a regular basis and appreciate their willingness to solve any and all problems that we face. We would absolutely refer others to Rite Quality for any procurement situation!

Marcus Bickle
Executive Director of Strategic Sourcing, Ivy Tech

From a supplier diversity perspective, Rite Quality has been great to partner with because they have capabilities in more than one area. They have supplied office and consumable supplies, and products in the food service industry. Consider supporting RQ, they’re a well-established business who has the years of experience to show their value.

Brandon Gatson
Supplier Diversity Manager, Purdue University

With Rite Quality, you will get to work with a highly professional team committed to your success. They furnished our new building with solid furniture that looks great and provided our clients and staff with an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Matt Oliver
CEO, Turning Point  

We are so thankful to use Rite Quality for all of our office product needs. They are always prompt and efficient, and it’s so nice to get a real person on the phone when we need help. I’d recommend Rite quality again and again for any and all office product needs.

Alexandra Daniels Durham
CFP, Freedom Financial Group

We have a high demand for a variety of office and cleaning supplies. We often need things quickly too. Rite Quality offers both of those things along with excellent customer service. I highly recommend Rite Quality!

Brianne Nehring
Sales Support, Eurofins